XenCentral Multisite System 1.2.0 Released


XenCentral Support
Staff member

We are happy to announce the next release with some bug fixes and enhanced support for third-party products. The support for XenKingDir, XenAtendo and XenZine was originally requested and funded by @kezako

Here are the new features introduced:

1. On/Off switcher to make XenAtendo calendar views filtered by domain (depends on nodes selected in Node Filter).

2. Possibility to rename any node for each domain:

3. Filter XenKingDir directory categories for each domain:

Supports renaming directory category as well.

4. Filter XenZine article categories (and therefor articles added to that categories) for each domain:

Supports renaming article category as well.

As always all customers can download the update from Customers Portal.

Thank you and enjoy!