XenCentral Multisite System 1.0.0 Released


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Today we are proud to announce our next product release called XenCentral Multisite System, version 1.0.0 XC Multisite System is designed to allow XenForo owners to build network of communities accessible from different domains/subdomains based on the same XenForo installation (most users of XenForo are aware of this concept from vB Cerberus, similar system for vBulletin).
For more information on XC Multisite System please visit http://xencentral.com/products/multisite-system.html

If you have any questions, suggestion or feedback please post on XC Multisite System forum or for private inquiries please feel free to contact us from our Support Desk.

Requirements: XenForo 1.2 Price: 59.99 EUR 1 year support and updates included
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We hope you will find the product useful and will enjoy it.

Thank you!