Multi-Site System 2.x suggestions


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Perhaps we can keep suggestions for this add-on here.

My first suggestion is to have an individual user setting for a "default" or "home" site which is automatically set as the url where the user signed up.

This would simplify cronjobs, since you could set a cronjob to run only on the default site.

A good example of this would be Weekly emails of top news. This prevents a user from getting top posts notifications from sites they don't care about, and they can adjust their default site and therefore the news they get at a later time.

There is more than one case when I get emails from domains from sites that I never visit. When I click on these links I get a node structure I didn't expect which leads to confusion.


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Would be really cool to have criteria for most active sites for each user. Most thread views or Most posts as criteria perhaps. This would allow you to recommend links for each user based on their activity.

Top Sites Widget and with tokens in content replacements.


<a href="%TopSite_1%">%Top_Site_1_Name%</a>