Implemented Default usergroup per forum


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A great feature IMHO is the possibility to set a default primary/secondary usergroup per forum.

Example, if in my anime board register a user, it would be inserted in the "Anime Forum User"

If registers in Music Forum it would be inserted as "Music Forum User".

I think this feature would make each forum more indipendent.


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I like this idea, and i think should be integrated in Multisite.

The concept is: for every forum, create a unique default primary and secondary group. With these, you have separate usergroups for every community, and you can separate a community from others. I think this will be very useful to have a true indipendent forum.


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I have tried this addon with Multisite and works good! If you use it you can have your custom user group as a secondary group of Registered group (it's very reccomended) and separate the userbase of every forum. Soon it will be released an addon (custom request by me :) that show the number of members in a specific group.

With this you can show the number of members of every forum, non the total of your network.


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Hello, @Maximilian !

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately we didn't have time to look at it before, but now we have implemented this in and released it.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Thank you!