Under Review Available styles does not work


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It seems that the Available styles -setting is not honored. Even though I have just one available style selected (and forced) for a site, users can view other styles as well in the settings.

The forced style (for example style A) is still applied, but user is still able to select other styles (B, C). If style B is selected, it shows up under settings as active style, but style A is (correctly) being used.


XenCentral Support
Staff member

We are unable to reproduce the issue. When the style is forced the chooser should not be shown at all. Is it possible you have template edits in footer template? This could be a reason for it. You can see it working on our demo board right now, there many styles are installed, but is forced to use custom theme, and no other theme is available - http://demo.xencentral.com

If the issue is still unresolved, you can contact us in Client's Area and we will review the issue on your board directly.

Thank you!


Verified Customer
Sorry, I wasn't specific enough with my report. The style chooser is not visible in the footer, but it does show up under the account settings page (/account/preferences).