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Discussion in 'XC Invitation & Paid Registration System' started by doublespaces, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. doublespaces

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    I have noticed that this happens in a few situations, I think it might be linked to how long i've been signed in because it seems to do this in the morning once I come back to the forum and sign out. But when I click logout, I get sent to:


    On mobile I saw it send me to the same link but with a -=- or something like that on the end also and it gives the error:

    Sorry, this is an invite-only community and you can not register without valid invitation link.

    I do not have the paid registration system, just the normal invite system and do not plan on upgrading that portion.

    A second problem I have, is that at least in Facebook, it shows all the names that I can invite. I pick one, click invite, then it stalls and I get a cloudflare error 524 timeout for this address:


    Linkedin appears to work, however when they click on the link from their messages it refers them with a strange email like: 12344556@linkedin.com instead of their normal email address. Is this an issue on my end or a way to configure around that?

    Google appears to be working fine.
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    Which page do you see when visiting your forum using a direct link in a browser with cleared cookies (or in Private Mode)? I assume your setup is to allow invitation-only registration and forum is completely closed for guests. If so, it is the normal behavior to redirect any guest to the purchase invite page, which will either provide available purchase packages, or will show the message mentioned if there is no package available.

    Thank you!
  3. doublespaces

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    This forum has a few addons but Its not invite only. Its open registration, the default twitter/google/facebook logins also. When I go to my forum main node list it is just http://community.mysite.com/
  4. doublespaces

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    I can confirm Google and Linkedin invitations working properly. The only problem is linkedin provides a 12345678@linkedin.com email address which I assume is something like a username@facebook.com address. I think for detection purposes of an existing account it would be better to fetch the actual username from linked in, if possible.

    The facebook invitations once timed out, if I come back to the invitations tab, it shows that it was sent at the bottom. However the invitations are never received.

    Steps to reproduce "This is an invite only community" error when session is invalid:

    1) Login with a normal local account and go to the invite section. My account was linked to the native Google social login.
    2) Open a new tab, go to the forum and logout of the local account.
    3) Go back to the original tab where you went to the invite section and click Google invitations.
    4) Sign in with a non associated Google account which has not given the forum permissions yet.
    5) Click cancel when it asks to access the new Google account's information and view error.

    It has something to do with how your addon handles sessions which are no longer valid I think. So not only expiring sessions, but also sessions which you manually log out of, it handles it through the invite system instead of kicking you back to the normal login page.
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  6. Harutyun

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    Linkedin email address is not a real email, rather a unique identifier for the user. We can't just use a username for this, as it may be not unique among different systems. We will try to show the username to user though (keeping that email as the identified in back-end).

    Please contact us at Client's Area and we will continue the troubleshooting of other issues there.

    Thank you!
  7. doublespaces

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    Sorry, I did not mean the username. I meant the actual email account associated with linkedin. That way we can know if it matches someone registered here already.

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