XenCentral Feedback System 1.7.0 Released


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Hello everyone!

This is the next release of XenCentral Feedback System (previously Trading System).

Here is the quick release overview:

1. The system is renamed to Feedback System to be more appropriate to its niche.

2. XenResource, XenGallery, Showcase, Sportsbook support.

2.1. XenResource, XenGallery, Showcase, Sportsbook custom URLs can be specified as Deal Thread URL.
2.2. Admin options are implemented to select valid XenResource, XenGallery, Showcase, Sportsbook categories for deals.
2.3. Force Valid Thread, Check Starter, Unique Deal URL options now check for these add-ons too. Check Starter option checks if feedback receiving party is the starter of resource, media, showcase item or sportsbook event.

3. Deal URL checking system enhancements. The system now checks for valid domain (FILTER_VALIDATE_URL) and Board URL. XenCentral Multisite System compatibility is implemented to support custom domains for Deal URL.

4. Can Give Feedback Restriction option is implemented. If this option is enabled, users will be allowed to give feedback to other users only if they have at least 1 feedback received.

5. XenForo user deletion and merging are now supported in add-on. In case of user deletion, user and associated data are removed. In case of users merging, feedback, comments, stats, activities, preferences are merged. If deal parties are merged, feedback are deleted.

6. Refactored Latest Activity. Activity type and username filters are refactored. Admin option is implemented to enable/disable guest activity for latest activity. The reason for this option implementation is that guest activity logging creates unnecessary and sometimes useless data in database, so it can be disabled now.

7. Tabbed Feedback Dashboard. Feedback dashboard structure can be switched to tabbed structure, so Latest Feedback, Top Traders, Latest Activity are shown in tabs.

8. Several bug-fixes, phrase corrections are made.

Upgrade note: XenCentral Framework must be upgraded before add-on upgrade. Please download both packages from client area and upgrade Framework first.

All owners of active licenses can download the packages in their Client's Area.

Thank you!