XenCentral Ad Server 1.3.1 Released


XenCentral Support
Staff member

We've released the next minor release of XenCentral Ad Server. This version fixes a bug introduced the last release with exclusion criteria, and this version requires XenCentral Framwork 1.3.0 version, which implements country filter in user criteria. Now zones (and anything that implements XenForo Criteria system) can be filtered based on visitor's IP address and country detected from IP.

We got several reports regarding server disk space issue connected with large amount of files in internal_data/xcfw_cache directory. This happens only when there is no cache configured in XenForo config.php file, and our framework creates file-based cache in that directory. The older version of Framework was not cleaning up the directory causing the issue. Now the cleanup is implemented in a cron job running once per day. However, as the number of files collected in the directory may be too big, it is recommended to delete the directory manually one time, using SSH or any other access your have to the server.

All licensed customers can download latest packages from their Client's Area.

Thank you!