XenCentral Ad Server 1.3.0 Released


XenCentral Support
Staff member

This is the next release of XenCentral Ad Server with some most requested features:

1. Option to disable impression statistics. Zone and banner impressions are saved to the database by default to allow having impression-related statistics. Now you can disable this and save a query per zone impression if you are not interested in this data. Click stats will still be saved and will be available in My Ads section.

2. Support for mobile version code to be able to have fully responsive ads. By default the code is empty and the same banner will load for all devices, but now in Edit Banner page there is field to set HTML used for mobile devices only.

3. Multiple owners of banners. Now multiple banner owner usernames can be specified in Edit Banner page, and all uses listed there will have access to edit banner, pay for it, see statistics etc.

4. User/Page exclusion criteria. The product is fully integrated with XenForo Criteria system to allow activation of zone when certain criteria are met, and now it is additionally powered with the same system but used as exclusion criteria, so if you need to have an add everywhere except inside a node, the new system makes it fully possible.

All licensed customers can download the new version from their Client's Area.

Thank you!