Suggestion - recurring ads/payments


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Hi guys
Great product you have! Really like the flexibility and how easy it is to setup.
A couple of suggestions for the software -

A) recurring payments. The user can select a purchase option, and then select whether they want this ad to be reoccuring (a tick box?). This then means the user does not have to remember to renew whenever the ad expires.

B) a setting per zone for the zone banner target (eg target="_blank") so that any user banners created will open in a new window.

That's all for the moment - I'm sure I will have more :)


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This issue continues to be a huge problem for us as our advertisers want their ads to renew automatically. Small businesses that advertise with us already have enough to do each day and when they need to remember or receive a reminder from us they sometimes choose to not renew or will just let their ads expire because the monthly renewal is an inconvenience. When the renewals are automatic they choose to let it run month after month and that is better for them and better for our website business because we have consistency in our income from month to month.

Can you please fix this so that ad payments will happen each month automatically?