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XenCentral add-ons installation/upgrade instructions

Here are the instructions to install any XenCentral add-on:

1. Download XenCentral Framework package from Downloads area and the product you are going to install.

2. Unpack both archives

3. Upload the content of "upload" directory from XenCentral Framework package

4. Import addon_xcfw.xml file in XenForo Admin Panel.

5. Upload the content of "upload" directory from product package you are going to install

6. Import addon_*.xml file you will find in that package in XenForo Admin Panel.

After product installation you will find a new section in Admin Panel - XenCentral, that allows to access Framework and any products' settings pages.

It is not needed to upgrade Framework with each product upgrade if it is not stated explicitly in product release notes. Just follow the steps 1, 5-6 to upgrade the product itself.

Instructions are for any add-on made by XenCentral. For specific add-ons installation instructions check manuals.
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