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XC Ad Server - Problem with loading ad

Question: I have installed the product, I see Manage Zones page, added a banner there but I cannot see the banner on site. What is the problem?

Answer: You should consider checking the following points:
  1. Product has an option to Enable/Disable it. Make sure it is enabled.
  2. Product has a feature to define "Excluded Usergroups". Make sure the option is empty or, if you have any usergroups selected, make sure you are not a member of that usergroup.
  3. If you are using Google Adsense or any other complex, JavaScript-based ad code, try to use simple text-based ad (e.g. simply enter any text in Banner Code field). If it works with simple text but does not work with a complex code, try to enable Safe Mode option for that banner.
  4. In Edit Zone page, make sure you have selected any location. If you have, try to use Find functionality of your browser and search for ad text (in case it was added but I don't see it where expected for some other reasons). The definitive way to know if the ad was loaded or not is to use Find in Page Source (use View Page Source or similar functionality of your browser).
  5. In Edit Zone page, make sure User/Date/Page criteria (including the exclusion criteria) are empty, or if you have any criteria activated, make sure they match. The best is to have them empty to be sure.
  6. Contact Support if you fail to see your ad after checking these points.
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