What addons you need to have integrated first?

Discussion in 'XC Multisite System' started by Maximilian, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Maximilian

    Maximilian Verified Customer

    Xenforo have many many addons, and we want to see a good amount of them integrated into the Multisite. But surely there are many of them that are more used and popular so in my opinion should integrated first...i open this topic to know what are the addons that are MORE important to you and that you need to see integrated ASAP.

    That's my list:
    1) XenTag is one of the popular addons of Xenforo, and it's free. This integration is IMHO very important because without that it will be very confusing to have tags that haven't nothing to do with the forum niche...Probably we will have the possibility of category
    2) Who Has Visited in Last 24 Hours very important, useful and popular in Xenforo, it makes visible the members that has visited your forum in last 24 hours. This should work in couple with the Users Online per Forum feature...i need to see for every forum *ONLY* the users online and the users that in last 24 hours have visite this particular forum...i have one big forum and 3 little forums so it would be useless to share the global data among them. VERY VERY IMPORTANT IMHO to have this feature and addon integrated in Multisite.
    3) Credits Premium: Very important to have an unique currency for every forum.
    4) Store: good addon in conjunction of Credits addon by Brivium. Simply the integration here is the possibility to have one category (and subcategories) for forum.
    5) Social Groups the most popular (and free) social groups addon. Should be possible to have different category for every forum...

    That's are the most important addon integrations for me...what's yours? ;-)
  2. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Verified Customer

    1. XenMediaGallery
    2. Vaultwiki
    3. XenReviews
    4. sitemap
    5. Social Groups
    6. XenTag
    Without the first 4 integrations I can not use multisite.
    Submitting sitemaps to googe while all sites have the same guest permissions, means websites will be punished for duplicate content (or not listed in Google at all), so for the sitemap integration to work, this is needed:
    Guest viewing permissions per node, per domain

    It seems to me that most of these addons use nodes that need to be excluded/included per domain. So what XCMultisite needs is a function to filter all non-forum nodes.
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  3. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Verified Customer

    I will buy the branding free option once I can go live with it. Which is after the above has been implemented. Im sure there are others like me.
  4. Maximilian

    Maximilian Verified Customer

    Yeah, also for me it's very important the support of XenMediaGallery and Sitemap. I'm also aivable to buy a branding free license when this new version will be aivable...
  5. Harutyun

    Harutyun Active Member

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you for all suggestions. We will work on integration of almost all addons mentioned and will release another release soon. This should be in about 1 week from now.

    Thank you!
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  6. Pixels

    Pixels Verified Customer

    My must-haves are XenTag, XenMediaGallery, and sitemap.

    I also noticed that a "Have you seen" thread for xenForo 1.4 shows sitemap options in the admincp. So I expect this will be a built-in feature very soon.
  7. Maximilian

    Maximilian Verified Customer

    @Harutyn any news on that? :)
  8. Harutyun

    Harutyun Active Member

    Hello everyone,

    We have just released the next version that implements support for most of add-ons mentioned here. Some notes regarding the add-ons we don't support for now:

    1. We don't have a licenses for XenMediaGallery and XenReviews, we will implement them as soon we get development license for them
    2. Support for VaultWiki is not possible for now, as it has completely stand-alone code base which is not extendable using XenForo's add-on system.
    3. We will consider sitemap feature support as soon as XenForo 1.4 is released
    Please contact us in our support center for specific details or discussion.

    Thank you!
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  9. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Verified Customer

    You have access to XMG, XenReviews and Vaultwiki licenses and have received instructions on how to integrate Vaultwiki.

    I am hoping to see this implemented soon.
  10. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Verified Customer

    What is the status of the implementation ?
  11. Harutyun

    Harutyun Active Member


    XenReviews and Vaultwiki support is implemented now. Xen Media Gallery support will be implemented next.

    Thank you!
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  12. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Verified Customer

    Please consider ShowCase: http://xenaddons.com/showcase/
    Bob has built a lot of different popular addons on the same framework, so once ShowCase is supported you will also have covered the rest.
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  13. Scharesoft

    Scharesoft Verified Customer

    Is the Media Gallery now supported? An other great addon would be the Chat by Siropu.

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